Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Easiest Cranberry Sauce Ever (Not From a Can)

My mom has been making this cranberry relish ever since... forever. Before that, my great grandmother made it. It's incredibly delicious. The sweet zing of the orange compliments the cranberries fantastically. And thanks to the wonderful invention of the Cuisinart/blender, it is now the easiest cranberry sauce/relish ever (if you don't include buying it in a can).


One bag/pound of cranberries
One orange
1.25 cups of sugar

1) Wash and pick through the cranberries and remove the gooey ones.
2) Place the good cranberries in the Cuisinart/blender. Chop until it's about the consistency of hot dog relish.
3) Remove and place in a bowl.
4) Slice an orange and remove the seeds (and sticker if it has one). Add the entire orange, including the peel, to the Cuisinart/blender. Chop just like the cranberries.
5) Stir the cranberries and orange together. Add sugar. You're done!

Cranberry sauce can be made up to 2 weeks ahead of time. It's so acidic, it doesn't go bad very quickly.

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