Thursday, August 19, 2010

Delightful DeLemonade

A simple summer drink that is always a party hit, and a great way to enjoy a non-dehydrating, non-intoxicating drink with a wine flavoring.

Martha Stewart suggests using the remaining red wine in the bottle after a party to make wine cubes, which she suggests you later use to make soup stock. Awesome idea, right? One problem -- leftover wine??? Not at my parties.

But I make wine cubes nonetheless, and find them quite handy.

This drink, described as "delightful" by my friend and former room mate Kendra, is just simple Country Time lemonade with a wine cube floating on top. I love how the colors stay separated while the cube is melting, but the cool part is how the slowly swirl together as you drink it.

If you want to be super fancy, squeeze your own lemons and add water and sugar. I also like to add a little bit of honey to my lemonade, particularly if I'm using Meyer lemons, which tend to have a bitterness about them that regular cane sugar doesn't quite conquer.

To good health!

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