Monday, October 25, 2010

Mint Facial Mist

My mint plant is very happy on my deck, and now that summer is over there are fewer food recipes that call for it. I could make tea, but I'd rather start making Christmas gifts. And it's been awhile since I posted something that wasn't about food!

Mint Facial Mist
-1 c. witch hazel (available at most drug stores for about $5)
-1/2 c. fresh mint
-1/2 c. fresh rosemary
-Peel from 1 orange, 2 tangerines or a lemon

1) Combine ingredients in an 8 oz. glass jar or other container you can tightly seal.

2) Cover with a lid and shake well.
3) Leave in a cool, dark area (such as a pantry or cabinet) for at least one week.
4) Strain off solids using fine muslin or a paper coffee filter.

5) Put solution in a pretty misting bottle.

Courtesy of Design Sponge.

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